Top 8 Dive Sites in the World that you need to explore in 2020


Do you have a bucket list for 2020? Is Scuba one among it? Then here is a Hi-five, because you have landed on the right webpage, indonesia online poker. In this article, we are disclosing the World’s best scuba diving places you must explore in 2020.

1. The Blue Hole

As the name suggests this place is one miracle of nature. It is a complete goblet of blue that divers you inside the mesmerizing World of underwater. If you are planning to visit a waterscape with spectacular beauty and fantastic scuba experience, then this is the best option.

2. Thailand

Thailand is also known as the beauty of Far East. It is one of the amazing destinations for scuba diving. It engulfs tremendous spots from where you can get down into the depth of the might ocean. The water is crystal clear and the activity prices are also cheaper compared to the other places in the Far East.

3. Gillis Island

The Gillis Island of Indonesia is a captivity of tremendous beauty. If you are planning to visit this place then scuba diving and indo poker should be a must. Gillis Island is calm and pure which offers you bets 96ace  scuba experience. Make sure you book your slots before to avoid traffic.

4. Sipadan

As the tourism grew the entire globe has come into the fist of man. The global tourism has paved way for exploring spectacular destination. One such corner of the World is Far East Asia. Malaysia is one such amazing place where everything you see is filled with fun and glare. If you are visiting Malaysia, then do not miss to take a scuba dive in the deep down water lines of Malaysia.

5. Great Barrier Reef

The World is a fan of the Great Barrier Reef of the Australian coast. These days global warming is a significant threat to the beauty of the corals, but this must never stop us from wanting to dive in the shorelines of the reef. When in Australia, the first and best thing to do is a scuba dive in style.

6. Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the magnificent destinations for the scuba lovers. It has a great cover of nature, wildlife and beauty. It is known for its scuba activities. The scuba enthusiasts from all over the world come to get a dive into the crystal clear water of Hawaii.

7. Micronesia

Micronesia is one of the brilliant tropical Islands with great varieties of underwater species. It is exceedingly abundant in resources and has epic content of diversity. It is enriched with the assembly of coral reefs and portraits a fantastic view with a dive.

8. Boracay

Boracay is one of the feelings of pride in the Philippines. It is built on the purest forms of water. If you are a scuba lover then never miss a chance to visit to occupy the ultimate fun of diving into underwater.

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